Kaleidoscope Man is a fantastic new sci-fi movie we're making - And we've been shooting it in phases. For phases 1 to 6 we successfully crowd-funded enough to shoot various scenes that fit around the main story and characters.


This has now brought in some private investors and we have just completed shooting for phase 7.  We are now neck deep in post production and have just a few more scenes to shoot. The film is looking amazing!


If all goes to plan we aim to release Kaleidoscope Man in 2017. Follow our journey by joining us on Facebook and please do keep on spreading the word! 

Watch the original pilot made in 2011

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The Post Production & CGI SteamRoller Rolls On!

So, after months and months of living and sleeping in the edit room. I can now officially announce that we have our first fine cut. Well, sort of…


There are still some pick ups to do which we are planning to shoot between now and the end of October. Then it will be a bit more editing, tweaking and shaping, but I believe we have a very special movie in Kaleidoscope Man and as I write this, I feel extremely proud of this new love in my life.


Earlier in the summer, two more wonderful people stepped in to help finance this period in production/post production. This has enabled us to engage 3 CGI animators to help create the massive bank of special effects the movie requires.


CGI expert Lukus Remis, has been working on the space station scenes (above), the multi-talented Huw Bowen has been adding the lasers, flashes and smoke effects in the battle scenes (below),

3D animation expert, Ian Whiston has been working on the spaceship models created by the incredible Henry Strong who has also been working on the exterior mother-ship shots. Take a sneaky look at the 3d Harvester model in action...

For our interior mothership scenes, we have just built and filmed an alien forest. A small army of model makers were engaged to help us achieve this and the results are outstanding. Over the next few months, these model shots will be combined with the live action footage we shot with the actors back in June 2015.  Then, additional CGI will be added of spaceships, lasers, explosions etc. It’s going to look amazing!


We have also been working with the London based accountants EAM London Ltd who have helped us to claim the Producers Tax Credit from HMRC (more money to complete the movie) and to register us as an “official” British film.

So, a LOT has happened over the last few months and we still have a LOT left to do. However, after all these years, it feels so good to finally be in this position - to see the film that I have spent many years dreaming about, is quite an amazing experience. I would encourage anyone with a dream to follow and stick with their vision. 


It will be worth it!


Thanks for all the continued love and support.



Simon Cox, Writer & director, Kaleidoscope Man.



Toyah Willcox, One of Our Stars, talks Kaleidoscope Man

Some Recent Behind the Scenes Pictures...