KALEIDOSCOPE MAN - A new sci-fi film

Help Kaleidoscope Man save the Earth...

The video above is a pilot we made in 2011.


Kaleidoscope Man is a fantastic new sci-fi movie we're making - And we're making it in phases. For phases 1 to 5 we successfully crowd-funded nearly £36,000 and have shot various scenes that fit around the main story and characters.


We now have some private investors on board too and have just completed shooting for phase 6. This means we now have 89% of the movie in the can. With another mix of private investment and some additional crowd funding we plan to get the movie completely shot by the end of the year.


If all goes to schedule we will release Kaleidoscope Man in the summer of 2016. 


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Some Recent Behind the Scenes Pictures...

Toyah Wilcox, One of Our Stars, talks Kaleidoscope Man