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Phase 7 of Kaleidoscope Man is now live - Why not join us today and be part of the movie: www.igg.me/at/KMan7

Watch the original pilot made in 2011

Kaleidoscope Man is a fantastic new sci-fi movie we're making - And we're making it in phases. For phases 1 to 5 we successfully crowd-funded nearly £36,000 and have shot various scenes that fit around the main story and characters.


We now have some private investors on board too and have just completed shooting for phase 6. This means we now have 90% of the movie in the can. With another mix of private investment and some additional crowd funding we plan to get the movie completely shot by the end of the year. Phase 7 is now live - click here to check it out.


If all goes to schedule we plan release Kaleidoscope Man in the summer of 2016. 


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Kaleidoscope Man - The Challenging Road Ahead...

After a busy summer, we've shot loads of the movie and now have 90% in the can.  We have also been busy editing and have a very rough cut complete. The first 30 minutes is pretty well fine cut and flows really well with lots of pathos and excitement.

All we have left to shoot are the scenes set on an alien planet, which we plan to do in the Timanfayer Nation Park in Lanzarote. A large section of the island was covered in lava over 200 years ago and has left a spectacular luna landscape appearance. We have been talking to the Lanzarote Film Commission who are very excited about us choosing their island and will assist in sourcing locations, accommodation, kit and crew hire.

The other scenes we have left to shoot are: sequences set during the alien invasion which involves rolling tanks into Central Birmingham, a large crowd scene for a dramatic nightmare dream sequence and a few very small day shoots - Just over 8 more days filming in all and we’ll have the movie completely shot.

We’re planning on running another Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in the next few weeks to help pay for the dream sequence; a nightmarish Walking Dead style scene. We have been given permission to shoot this at Millennium point in Birmingham, the ideal location for a post-apocalypse wasteland! We’re hoping we can bring in around 200 people to be extras in the scene.

Once we have completed the remaining shoot we are going to launch straight into getting the special effects done. Henry Strong, our special effects supervisor, has been busy working on the 3D ship models so that they are ready to start incorporating into the FX shots – and they look amazing!!

Our hope is to première the movie at the Edinburgh Film Festival in June 2016. This is a major international festival and would give us an incredible global platform to promote the film from. No promises on this yet as there is no guarantee the film will be finished in time - or accepted!

We feel Edinburgh would be the perfect international film festival to launch Kaleidoscope Man from - so we're keeping everything crossed we can finish it in time...!


Some Recent Behind the Scenes Pictures...

Toyah Wilcox, One of Our Stars, talks Kaleidoscope Man