Countdown to New Fundraisng Campaign Begins...

After weeks of planning we are now only a few days away from the launch of our new fundraising campaign for phase 2 of Kaleidoscope Man. This time around we are going to try Indiegogo rather than Kickstarter, as they have offered additional support to our campaign, and we believe it will help us to reach a wider audience.


As the majority of our publicity is done through Facebook and Twitter, I have been thinking hard about how to make this campaign different and to stand out from the large amount of other film campaigns out there. I feel that posts need to be episodic, so that people will want to follow our story. During my last campaign, I found that I didn't have enough to say and so my posts became, "we're making a film, please support us..." and people soon get board by this.


So, I have pledged to tell one of my, "Star Storys", every day for the 35 days or so of the campaign. These are story's from the many encounters I have had with famous people over my editing and directing career. 


I'll try and make them witty and positive, and certainly won't be dishing any dirt. I have had some good experiences though, including the day I upset George Lucas, made Suzanna York run out of a lift and nearly got into a punch up with a drunken Oliver Reed...


Hopefully the campaign will start this weekend.





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