Phase 2 Production - Our Goals

So, three weeks have passed since we smashed our fundraising target for phase 2 of Kaleidoscope Man and we have been very busy planning out how we spend this hard earned money.


The first scenes we are planning to shoot are from the very beginning of the movie, where the films heroes are children and something happens to them that has a ripple effect throughout the entire movie. Our aim is to make these scenes (set in the early 1980's) very different from the rest of the movie. Director, Simon, wants them to look warm, nostalgic and beautiful. One scene is set in Tom's father's garage, where he fixes old cars and we have found an amazing location in Wellesbourne, near Stratford Upon Avon.

Our intention is to ensure this has all the production values of a Hollywood movie, so we will be using a fair bit of lighting, smoke and a high end dolly for rock steady camera movement. The shoot date for this is the weekend of the 14th & 15th September. The chap who owns the garage fixes up old cars and is going to "throw in" a fabulous 1953 car for Tom's dad to be working on (the black car on the left of the photo).


Last week we cast the children who will play young Tom and his brother, Freddy, and have been greatly assisted by the Birmingham based, Alan Charman Agency, who found us two excellent young boys to play these roles.


Following on from this shoot, we have three other scenes to shoot featuring the British Prime Minister and the US President.


Funding for phase 3 has also begun and for this we are selling 60 shares in the movie to raise the £150,000 we need to finish the entire shoot.


Lots more news and production videos coming soon.

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    Mark Robbins (Wednesday, 28 August 2013 19:07)

    Is the Best! yet to come?.....