Video Diary Episode 15 - "Half Man, Half Robot"

In the story of Kaleidoscope Man, the hero of the film, Thomas Dunn, had always dreamed of being like the hero in a TV series he loved, where an astronaut is given superpowers by a special race of aliens.


And as an adult, this dream is still with Tom and even influences some of the decisions he makes.  Check out where Kaleidoscope Man writer & director, Simon Cox, got the inspiration for this unusual character trait.

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    John Trigonis (Thursday, 24 October 2013 22:48)

    Love it, Simon. I don't remember the Six Million Dollar Man, but I do remember the line of He-Man action figures, and, if memory serves me correctly, Faker, the blue cybornetic He-Man (who, strangely enough, wasn't blue in the cartoon) came with a robot sticker on his chest. I thought it was so cool despite losing the sticker very early on after getting the figure.

    Keep the updates on Kaleidoscope Man coming!