Video Diary Episode 17 - Final Recce for the Opening Scenes

Here is another short video diary from Kaleidoscope Man writer and director, Simon Cox.


"When I get the chance, I always try to visit a location a few times before a big shoot just to think things through shot by shot. As the scenes we are planning to shoot here involve young children and come at the very start of the film, I didn't want to leave any room for errors..."

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    Steve Wilkinson (Friday, 08 November 2013 12:58)

    I really like the look of this location. The castle makes a great backdrop.
    Good luck with the shoot, and have fun with the children.

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    John Trigonis (Friday, 08 November 2013 16:45)

    Gorgeous location indeed, and it should certainly offer a great balance between the amazing sci-fi elements of Kaleidoscope Man and the more basic humanity of the characters. Good luck, Simon!