Video Diary 18 - Filming the Opening Scenes

At last Kaleidoscope Man has its opening scene!


I'd spent a lot of time setting up this fairly simple shoot, but when it came to who owned which bit of land, it became very complicated. We'd never intended to shoot within the grounds of the castle as this is owned by English Heritage and I knew getting the relevant permits would have been a logistical nightmare (and expensive).


However, the field at the back of the castle is public land, so I assumed anyone can go on it, including us. However, I was wrong and discovered on the day of the shoot that it was in fact privately owned by a local farmer, not by English Heritage.


Anyway, in next week’s video diary, you'll find out exactly what happened....


In the video I mention one of the children who had not been well. Our good friend Des Lane's son had recently had some extensive brain surgery, and as you can image, he was a little fragile. However, he was keen to be in the film, so we did what we could to help.


Many thanks to the sensational Ian and Laura Dangerfield for shooting this cracking video.


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    Mr Bryan Mark Wilde (Friday, 15 November 2013 01:47)

    sounds and looks like it's all coming together very well simon. sometimes you just have to film and pray, that you get it all fimed in time before the people come to put a big downer on the day, best of luck for future shots