Video Diary 22 - Alien Pods - REWARDS UPDATE


The first designs for the alien pods were done in 2007 and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then.


There is a scene in the film where our heroes escape from a circle of five pods that they are encased in. Originally, these pods and the entire alien landscape were going to be made in CGI, but as time has passed, I now feel it would be so much better to build these pods and use CGI for the backgrounds only.


At a similar point in the movie, there is a super-wide shot which reveals thousands of pods. These will be created in CGI and will include the many photographs of our Kickstarter/Indiegogo supporters who paid to be in them. As soon as we have finalised the pod designs, we will be in contact with these backers and inform them of how we will need their photographs to be taken.


It shouldn't be too much longer!


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    Bryan Mark Wilde (Thursday, 12 December 2013 01:21)

    I love the new pods reminds me of H. R. Giger work on the Alien Franchise, the new pods look like more of an Organic Technology, mixed with Advanced Electronics, you could have some sort of electro slim that covers the people in the pod, would make a great plot idea for film, but warning this might annoy the Actors lol.. Great work Simon

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    kaleidoscopeman (Thursday, 12 December 2013 09:21)

    Many thanks for the comment Bryan. The pods are currently still a bit 'too' much like the H.R Giger designs for Alien, so we are looking at adding our own "look" to them. When you see final the designs for the attack fighters, you'll see what I mean! Really appreciateing your support.