Video Diary 24 - Phase 3 One Week In

So, phase 3 funding of Kaleidoscope Man has finally begun. One of the main things I’ve learnt after the last few campaigns we’ve run was that the more up front work you can do the better. My good friend Graham Inman, who helps a lot of crowd-funding campaigns, recommends that you spend 90 days preparing for a 30 days campaign. This is advice I have certainly taken on board for this campaign.


The first thing I’ve done is to prepare a lot of video elements; short trailers, behind the scenes videos, video diaries and mock scenes. I have also prepared a lot of artwork and images to keep the daily postings fresh and original.


We’ve also spent a lot of time preparing rewards that are “experiential”, so that people can be a part of the movie and share in its journey. Last time we had rewards like T-Shirts which proved expensive and ate into what we ended up raising (so not a great idea!)


Finally, chasing investors, private and public finance is extremely stressful, difficult and (in my experience) miserable. Crowd-funding is great fun, and not just for me, for the supporters and everyone involved – it’s what filmmaking is all about!


Wish us luck for the rest of the campaign.

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    Mzz Jennifer Steel (Tuesday, 22 April 2014 20:22)

    Simon, have a blast on the next phase, of your journey, to bring Kaleidoscope Man, to the big screen.

    Thank you, for all your YouTube video diaries; they are so much fun to watch.

    Following you, on Facebook: and Twitter: @_K_Man_
    @SimonCoxFilm @markrobbins01, is an exciting and suspenseful adventure.

    I suspect, that I will use the hashtags: #KaleidoscopeMan and #supportindiefilm, a thousand times, before the summer of 2014.

    Best wishes and godspeed, on your journey, to bring Kaleidoscope Man, to the galaxies.

    Following you, forever, into the sunset,

    Mzz Jennifer Steel (@hurdygurdygurl)