Video Diary 26 - An Alley for an Alien Attack!


As you can imagine, every location in the movie needs to be found and permission needs to be sought and granted. For Kaleidoscope Man, we have been working closely with an organisation called, Film Birmingham, who were set up by the local council to help film and TV companies take full advantage of the city’s locations for filming. A few years ago councils realised the lucrative benefits for tourism by having their streets and buildings feature in a film or TV show and usually do what they can to help. In my opinion, Film Birmingham, have been fantastic!


The alley featured in this video is a location I'd had my eye on for a long time and since making this I gained full permission to use it. There is the back of a pub at the end of the alley and the manager allowed us to tap into his electricity supply, which helped us immensely and saved us a lot of money. The alternative was to hire a generator...

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    The Hurting (Friday, 02 May 2014 03:30)

    Another really great video diary Simon! It's so much fun being taken behind the scenes and learn your process. You are very good at drawing us in and it's just going to be that much more fun when we actually see the movie and we remember you taking us to this alley in the daylight when in the film it will most likely be very dark and menacing with alien aircraft blasting Mandy from above!!! Can't wait... thank you!!! Thanks to Film Birmingham too!