Video Diary 31 - Creating a sense of scale

When I made my first feature film, Written in Blood, I found the experience of making a low budget movie very restrictive. For some reason, we ended getting a lot of locations that seemed small; tiny offices, thin corridors and generally, small rooms.  Thinking back it was probably because we were shooting in London which is generally expensive and so we had to make do with the locations we could get rather than actually want.  When I watch the film now, to me, it seems small and restrictive. Thankfully, our Director of Photography, Gordon Hickie, lit the film so beautifully, people don’t really notice and we had some very good actors who carry the story well. So audiences tend to be swept up with the characters and the story, which was a relief!


So, my intention with Kaleidoscope Man was to think big and ensure we have a grand sense of scale in every scene.  This was one of the reasons I chose a city like Birmingham to shoot in. It has the grandiose architecture of London, with wide streets, towering buildings and impressive panoramic skylines. The other great thing about it is the attitude of Film Birmingham who organise permits etc for filming in the city . They have really gone out of their way to support us, allowing us entry to pretty much anywhere they could help us with.


The 35% of the movie we now have in the can does look very grand as intended and I can’t wait to film the rest and put Gordon’s spectacular images up on the big screen. It really is going to look EPIC!

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