Video Diary 32 - Blasted in the Back Alley!

During our epic alien invasion scene, Mandy dives into an alley where she witnesses first hand, the ships that attack the people who flee through the streets. We shot the large crowd scenes last year where we closed the entire street off and managed to get 700 extras racing through them – it was an incredible shoot!


This shoot was a much smaller affair but needed to cut flawlessly with the larger crowd scene. This was why it was important to have people running past the lens so that it would create a sense of motion in the final edit.


Then we have the CGI spaceships and laser blasts to add as well as light flashes and smoke etc.


I think people will be quite surprised with how well it actually works when they see all the different elements cut together. In fact, I’m hoping they will be so engaged with the story, the whole scene should just work as a whole and no one will even notice they were all shot nearly a year apart.


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