Back With Some Serious Shooting!

So, after weeks of strategizing, location hunting, CGI planning and fundraising – I’m really pleased to say we have just completed another good batch of shooting.

This was the first shoot we’ve done with our leading man, Simon Haycock, who is delivering a character even greater than my expectations. The scenes we’ve shot contain a mix of emotions for any actor to bring across; fear, anger, joy and great sadness. Simon has excelled and is proving to be a brilliant leading man. I know you guys will love him.

These stills are from a scene where our hero, Tom, is snatched from Earth, teleported into a pod which hangs from a carrier craft and is then transported towards a gigantic mother ship which hovers ominously above the earth. The scene has been meticulously storyboarded, and our CGI supervisor Henry Strong is working hard on building the CGI shots that surround the greenscreen elements we’ve just filmed.

I am just SO happy with the way things are progressing. We’re still raising funds to complete the movie, but we’re getting there. If all goes to plan we aim on shooting the bulk of the movie in June and then a few days in September where we will shoot our alien planets scenes.

Keep the faith folks.




Writer & director – Kaleidoscope Man

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