Lanzarote or Bust...!

After our amazing zombie dream sequence which we shot back in November – there is just a few more days filming to go. Some of these are easy, small sequences, which we're not that worried about. we’ll fit them in over the next few months whilst finalising the edit. However, there is one big shoot still to do with our leading actors and we need to find some more money to shoot it – and fast!

These are the alien planet scenes – in our story, Tom, Floyd, Harriet and Samantha are taken to an alien planet where they have to battle their way across the volcanic landscape to a crashed spaceship which holds the secrets of how they can get back to Earth.

We really want to shoot these scenes in Lanzarote, its volcanic and very much like the surface of the moon. We could of course shoot it in the UK, but why compromise as we have all worked so hard to keep this movie looking as original and epic as it already does. We want to shoot in January too, as it’s the cheapest time of the year to do it.


We need to find another £12,500 to finance these alien planet scenes. This involves taking 4 cast members and 6 crew over to Lanzarote and it will cover flights, accommodation, equipment hire, filming permits, transport, insurance and hiring some local crew members.


So, we're looking for people who might be willing to help. Either a single investor to back the film with £12,500 or 12.5 people to give us an interest free loan of £1,000 (which would be paid back if we can sell the film).


If you would like to help, please do drop me a line.


Many thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement - we'll get there!


Kindest regards.




Simon Cox - Writer & director - Kaleidoscope Man

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    Simon Cox (Tuesday, 22 December 2015 21:05)

    Wow - The power of asking! One person has just contributed £1000, this means we now only need 11.5 people to join us now. Can you help?

    Thank you SO much.

    Writer & director - Kaleidoscope Man

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    Jacob (Thursday, 28 January 2016 14:11)

    Seeing that pic of volcano, wow what an experience. Never will forget it..must be exciting to see all the filming when you got back..all the best with the cut..

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