Harry Potter Star Joins Kaleidoscope Man

April has been a very progressive month for the movie and it’s slowly starting to get there.

Firstly, we have just finished our second rough cut. This feels like a major achievement as cutting the 25+ hours of footage down to just under 2 hours is no mean feat – especially when we have such good footage. The nice thing is that we have now fixed the majority of technical issues that were in the first cut (sound issues, continuity etc). The next process is to work through the film from start to finish gently nipping and tucking and carving it into shape.  The story is working well, full of twists and turns, excitement and emotion. For me, the next process is where the fun begins and the real magic of filmmaking happens.

We still have a few small holes to fill and last week we shot some scenes with Harry Potter star, Jon Campling (Deatheater), who plays an eccentric character called Lucian. He pops up throughout the story and has an important influence on the journey of our heroes.

The special FX’s are slowly coming together too. Currently we have 5 people working on some of the smaller scenes and the shots are dripping in. It’s a slow process, but the shots are looking very good.

Our plan moving forward is to launch a new crowdfunding campaign in the next few weeks to help to pay for finishing the special FX’s. We’ve also engaged a new film accountant who is helping us to apply for the Producers Tax Credit from HMRC, which (if all goes to plan), will pay us back approximately 20% of our production spend. This hopefully will come to fruition in July. There is also the possibility of more private investment coming in, but nothing set in stone on this yet.   

I’m feeling thankful every day for the support you’ve given me and it’s so nice to finally be at this stage with the movie. You’re going to love the movie, I’m sure of it!  I’ll be in touch soon with the backers who paid for the pod photos and tank scene in our earlier crowdfunding campaigns..

Keep the faith.




Simon Cox – Writer & director – Kaleidoscope Man

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    David Chriscole (Sunday, 01 May 2016 12:27)


    Things are starting to get serious. So happy to see the details slowly coming together, and final elements being slotted into place.

    Is that a light at the end of tunnel Simon? **

    Your journey, and that of the amazing cast & crew backing you up, has been a long one, and I'm *very* excited to see this work on a big screen.

    You rock!

    ** discalimer: if that light is an oncoming train, please let it pass and I'll quote Mr Solo; "It's not my fault!"

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    Jennifer Steel (Tuesday, 03 May 2016 09:36)

    E X C E L L E N T