Kaleidoscope Man Director Simon, Hits the Road!

So with the second rough cut of the movie now complete, our attention is turning to the first fine cut. This means locking ourselves away for at least 6 weeks. So, to finance ourselves during this period we are going to run some very special and exclusive one off seminars all about Kaleidoscope Man and how despite the odds, have nearly finished a very ambitions, inspiring and exciting British sci-fi movie - the likes of which have never been seen before...


But our aim here is not to show off - more to inspire and show people how, with a certain mindset, they can achieve their own ambitious dreams just as we have.



Our first seminar will be in Birmingham and if this is a success, we'll run them in London and across the country. 


Click on the link below for more details.



Many thanks,



Simon Cox



Writer & director – Kaleidoscope Man

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