Want to see KALEIDOSCOPE MAN...?

Many people have supported us through our seven year journey of making our epic sci-fi movie, Kaleidoscope Man and the film was fully finished on 25th Feb 2019.


We're now looking for the right form of distribution to get Kaleidoscope Man out to the world.


In the meantime, we want YOU, our supporters to see the movie before anyone else. We've had exclusive screenings in Birmingham, London and Yorkshire.  Now its time for those of you who live in and around the Bristol to finally experience the movie...

We are running a single screening of the film at The Everyman Cinema in Bristol and would love you and your friends and family to join us on Sunday 26th May at 10am.


FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO BUY TICKETS:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kaleidoscope-man-special-private-screening-bristol-tickets-60953942884