Meet Our Cast

SIMON HAYCOCK - as Thomas Dunn


As a boy, Tom dreamed of being like his childhood hero, Kaleidoscope Man. But as an adult, being the hero couldn't be further away from the life he has. Now a doctor at a care centre for people with mental health issues, he still yearns for adventure and excitement, but the restraints of real life have held him firm.


That is until a huge shinning star appears in the heavens and Tom may just get the chance to be the hero he has always dreamed of being...



LUCY DRIVE as Mandy Dunn 


Tom and his loving wife Mandy are coming to terms with the loss of their first child. However, luck has finally found them as Mandy discovers she is at last pregnant again. Great news.


However, when an alien object appears in the heavens and the people of Earth are plagued with terrifying premonitions about the end of the world, Mandy realises that the significance of her forthcoming child could have huge implications for the future of the entire human race...

 TOYAH WILLCOX as Clare Dove


Clare Dove is the Senior Nurse at the Livermore Care Centre, the place Tom runs. A strong lady, who takes no prisoners. However, despite her hard and cold exterior she is an angel in disguise and cares passionately about helping those less fortunate than herself. 

Clare is responsible for helping Samantha get off the streets and deep down she sees a lot of herself in Samantha. 



Samantha is an introverted, angry young lady who is a resident at the Livermore Care Centre. She has a sad past which has led her into a world of abuse and trouble. 


Tom and Clare know Samantha has huge potential, but she must face some ugly demons first to unlock that potential and Samantha is about to get the challenge of her life.



Floyd is a wild card and resides at the care centre Tom runs. Obsessed with James Bond, guns and all out action, he is more than ready to battle aliens. Mental illness has plagued his life and has turned this very intellectual man into a confused and lost individual. 


However, a turning point in his life is about to arrive. Floyd will discover the inherent difference between truth and fantasy and how both can have a catastrophic outcome for the human race. 


JULIE HOULT as Harriet


Harriet is a bitter and twisted woman, driven by a loathing and mistrust for men. She has a strange fascination for locked doors and lives in paranoia that someone will get break in and find her.  She is a long term patient at the care centre Tom runs.  


Harriet will discover that she needs to turn around that mistrust and finally trust Tom. But trust is something Harriet has a big problem with... 

IAN BROOKER as Father Robert


Father Robert is the strong, God serving Vicar who buried Mandy's and Tom's child. A good man.


But when he receives a telepathic message from the alien armies heading towards the Earth, his faith is thrown into question and he must make a choice:

Follow the word of the lord, or save himself...?

PAUL LINCOLN as Freddy Dunn


Tom and his brother Freddy have been at odds ever since something devastating happened to them when they were kids.


However, when the alien invasions arrives, maybe its time to put those odd demons to bed...


 CRAIG ROGERS as Brian Dunn


Brian is Tom's father. A good, inspirational man and the mentor in young Tom's life.


However, due to a simple mistake, Brian has an accident that will force young Tom to make a major decision, decisions that will effect the rest of his life.

CHARLIE CJ as Young Tom


As a boy, Tom dreamed of being like his childhood hero, Kaleidoscope Man. However, living up to being the world's biggest superhero can be hard to live up to. And when faced with a massive challenge, Young Tom makes a decision that will radically change his life.


A decision he will regret right into adulthood.


GEORGE BROWN as Young Freddie


Freddie is Tom's younger brother. As kids they were the best of friends and Freddie couldn't help having huge admiration for his big bro.


That is until young Tom made a decision that would have terrible repercussions for both of them. As adults they are still divided by that decision.


Maybe the alien invasions will help to bring them back together...

 KORAL NEIL as Jenny Marshall

Jenny is the teaching assistant in Mandy's class. A good family friend and confident who has supported Mandy through the difficulties of the last few years.


However, she senses that Mandy now has other things on her mind now and that very soon, her life will change forever...


 IAN REDDINGTON as Gerry Miller



Gerry is the weathered area manager who oversees the care centres in his areas. He is given the job of telling Tom the bad news about the fate of the Livermore Care Centre. 


A good man who has been tarnished by years of bureaucracy. How will destiny treat him when the invasion arrives...?




Billy is young Harriet's father, a bitter and violent man, locked up for some terrible crimes.


But when he escapes from jail and tries to get back into his home, his anger towards young Harriet and her mother causes Harriet to despise men for the rest of her life.


A decision she must come to terms with during the alien invasion.



Gwen is young Harriet's mother. A good lady that got in with the wrong people. All she wants is a life of peace and safety for her and her daughter.


However, the past is always just one step behind her.


Holly Jacobson as Young Harriet


Young Harriet was a normal girl. Bright, optimistic and full of life.


Until the night she finally met her father...


 MICHAEL BOTT as Commander Jeff Phillburn


Jeff Phillburn is the world's first British commander of the International Space Station. A supremely positive man, truly living the dream. A dream he has worked all his life to achieve.


However, he is the first eye witness to the terrifying scale of the alien invasion and is quick to realise that the human race doesn't stand a chance...

KATE MARIE DAVIES as Lieutenant Clare Dangerfield


Lieutenant Clare Dangerfield is one of the astronauts on the International Space Station. A strong feisty young lady who, despite being one of the first witnesses to the huge alien invasion, manages to report what's happening back to NASA and the people of earth. 

JULIAN BOOTE as Lieutenant Alan Carter


Alan Carter is the senior technician on the International Space Station. A family man, desperate to get back to Earth to be with his family. 


However, he and his fellow astronauts are helpless and can only bare witness to the massive alien invasion. 

Will he ever get to see his family again...?



Khan is the owner of the cafe that Tom and Mandy often visit. A family friend who is about to be caught up first hand in the battle to save the Earth.


Will he survive on Earth or be taken like so many others.

NINA STRATFORD as President Carol Waterman


President Waterman is a strong leader working hard to secure world peace. However, as news of the alien invasion comes in, she realises that the human race has little choice but to stand up to the imminent attack.


Even though, the human race is greatly outnumbered...

AMIRA WHITAKER as Tamara Montgomery


Tamara is a receptionist at the American Embassy in London. A serious lady, ruthlessly ambitious, she dreams of bigger and better things.


An encounter she has with Floyd sends his life spiralling out of control, leaving him with little hope of living like a normal human being.



ROGER HARDING as General Goldman


General Goldman is the fictional character in the TV show, Kaleidoscope Man. He decides on the missions K-Man is sent on.

NICK LANCASTER as Kaleidoscope Man

Kaleidoscope Man is the fictional character in the TV show. Half man, half robot, his mission is to save the Earth from the many aliens that threaten us. This TV character is the initial inspiration that drives Thomas Dunn. 

"To them he is the saviour of the planet. To us he is, Kaleidoscope Man..."



Lucian is a ruthless dictator leading a terrorist state. We don't know much about this man except that he has malicious plans for the West and a stark message for all of mankind:


'In the Bible God created the floods, in the 21st Century, God created me!' 

JOHN DYER as Prime Minister Carl Henderson 


British Prime Minister, Carl Henderson is faced with an impossible responsibility; how to protect the people of Great Britain from the massive alien invasion that is striking planet Earth.


Will he be able to step up to the challenge...?



PHILIP JENNINGS as the UK Secretary of Defence


The UK Secretary of Defence is the man who directly informs Prime Minister Henderson of the imminent alien attack. 


"There is no time for stalling, WE MUST ACT NOW...!"