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If you haven’t already heard, I have some great news. After 7 years in production and nearly 10 years before that in development, our super ambitious sci-fi thriller, Kaleidoscope Man, is at last completed.

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So Near the Top of the Mountain!

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Kaleidoscope Man - The FXs Monster Rolls On

So, with September here, we have now been in post production on Kaleidoscope Man for a good 9 months. 

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Motherships, Alien Worlds and Intensified Laser Battles!

So, with May hurtling towards us and the daunting prospect of yet another UK election looming, it occurred to me that Kaleidoscope Man has now officially been in Post Production for nearly 6 months.


SIX MONTHS!!!! What the hell have we been up to…?

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Building Spaceships & Living in Star Wars Land - Sort Of!

Having just seen Rogue 1 - A Star Wars Story, I feel somewhat blown away and in awe of the spectacular special effects and the sheer ambition of the film. Even though I’m very lucky to be making my own sci-fi movie, looking at what Gareth Edwards and his team have pulled off has left me feeling slightly shell shocked. What it must feel like to have megabucks to make a movie like that with some of the best creatives on the planet helping you must be mind blowing. 

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Tanks vs Aliens - Let Battle Commence!

Finally, after 4 years of dreaming and planning, I am delighted to tell you that we’ve finally completed the one part of the movie I was truly terrified about doing. The tanks vs aliens battle scenes….

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The Post Production & CGI SteamRoller Rolls On!

So, after months and months of living and sleeping in the edit room. I can now officially announce that we have our first fine cut. Well, sort of…


There are still some pick ups to do which we are planning to shoot between now and the end of October. Then it will be a bit more editing, tweaking and shaping, but I believe we have a very special movie in Kaleidoscope Man and as I write this, I feel extremely proud of this new love in my life.


Earlier in the summer, two more wonderful people stepped in to help finance this period in production/post production. This has enabled us to engage 3 CGI animators to help create the massive bank of special effects the movie requires.


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Kaleidoscope Man Director Simon, Hits the Road!

So with the second rough cut of the movie now complete, our attention is turning to the first fine cut. This means locking ourselves away for at least 6 weeks. So, to finance ourselves during this period we are going to run some very special and exclusive one off seminars all about Kaleidoscope Man and how despite the odds, have nearly finished a very ambitions, inspiring and exciting British sci-fi movie - the likes of which have never been seen before...


But our aim here is not to show off - more to inspire and show people how, with a certain mindset, they can achieve their own ambitious dreams just as we have.



Our first seminar will be in Birmingham and if this is a success, we'll run them in London and across the country. 


Click on the link below for more details.



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Harry Potter Star Joins Kaleidoscope Man

April has been a very progressive month for the movie and it’s slowly starting to get there.

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Some Heavy Filming Completed!

We had another really great shoot last week and filmed two important sequences. The first was a small scene that appears on a TV screen that Floyd is watching. It’s a sort of film noir where an assassin enters a building and takes out its ruthless owner. The scene has a massive impact on Floyd and influences his journey and eventual character ark.

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The Mammoth Edit Begins...

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Miracles Do Happen! 

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Lanzarote or Bust...!

After our amazing zombie dream sequence which we shot back in November – there is just a few more days filming to go. Some of these are easy, small sequences, which we're not that worried about. we’ll fit them in over the next few months whilst finalising the edit. However, there is one big shoot still to do with our leading actors and we need to find some more money to shoot it – and fast!

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Samantha’s Dream Sequence Roars through Production!

After the spectacular success of our Phase 7 Indiegogo fundraising campaign, we jumped right into filming our Zombie Dream Sequence at Millennium Point in Birmingham on Sunday 22nd November.

I’d already set up the location and the team at Millennium Point had been beyond helpful and were willing to let us do pretty much what we wanted (and it was a lot!). Our DOP Gordon had seen the place and worked out how he was planning to light it, so all I had left to do was assemble the cast, crew and find a few zombies. Quite a few in fact...!

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Kaleidoscope Man - The Challenging Road Ahead...

After a busy summer, we've shot loads of the movie and now have 90% in the can.  We have also been busy editing and have a very rough cut complete. The first 30 minutes is pretty well fine cut and flows really well with lots of pathos and excitement.

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Video Diary Ep 37 - Father Robert's Speech 


Video Diary Ep 36 - Seeking Salvation in the Graveyard!


Video Diary 35 - A location to film the last rites!


Phase 6  - Our Biggest Shoot Yet!

What a few months we’ve had! June began with an investment from two investors with an amount that would enable us to get a good two weeks’ worth of shooting in the can. So in mid-June, we assembled our cast and crew and got to work...

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From Kaleidoscope Man to the Biggest Movie on the Planet!

I think I can probably mention this officially now, but Matt Allsopp, the guy who did all of the great early concept art for Kaleidoscope Man has taken some incredible leaps forward in his career recently. From us he went on to do the concept artwork for the multi million dollar movie, Godzilla, and has just completed the concepts art for Star Wars Ep 7 - The Force Awakens.

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Writing from Truth - by K-Man Writer & Director Simon Cox

One of the things I tried to do when I was writing the script for Kaleidoscope Man was to create characters that were real. This took me a long time and to some pretty dark places.


 I wanted our lead characters, Tom and his wife Mandy, to be coming to terms with a tragedy that had happened a few years earlier. This was to provide an anchor that is holding them both back at the start of the story. Doing this enables the potential for interesting character arcs as they move forward through the film.

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Back With Some Serious Shooting!

So, after weeks of strategizing, location hunting, CGI planning and fundraising – I’m really pleased to say we have just completed another good batch of shooting.

This was the first shoot we’ve done with our leading man, Simon Haycock, who is delivering a character even greater than my expectations. The scenes we’ve shot contain a mix of emotions for any actor to bring across; fear, anger, joy and great sadness. Simon has excelled and is proving to be a brilliant leading man. I know you guys will love him.

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After months of casting and much speculation, we are delighted to announce that we finally have our cast for the movie in place.



Director Simon's Thoughts on the Astounding Success of Phase 5! 

It’s nearly a week now since the end of the last Kaleidoscope Man crowd-funding campaign and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.



I feel so humbled by the support and encouragement you've all shown me on my film. I've dreamed of making an exciting, spectacular and moving movie like this ever since I was about 14 years old (I'm 49 now!) and I really can’t express in words just how much your support has meant to me. I'm realising as you get older how important it is to fulfil your dreams and ambitions, even when they seem like unreachable mountains that would normally seem impossible to achieve.



I think the reason it’s taken me this long to get this far is because you don’t just ‘knock out’ something like this. I always knew I wanted to make a movie that was as moving and exciting as Star Wars, but didn't know exactly what this movie in my head was going to be. I first came up with the initial idea for Kaleidoscope Man in 1999 but it wasn't until around 2010 that I had the script that I knew was ‘the one!’ So, that alone took over 10 years. Then there was getting it financed….


But I have tried to pin point what it is I really want to achieve from doing this and I think, at long last I've come up with an answer. I see it as doing my bit for humanity. You see, I hadn't really realised it until this week. As human beings, we all in some way contribute to the progression of our species. You may contribute by feeding us, clothing us, transporting us, provide heating for us etc etc. But in all of us, the love and need to tell and hear stories is vital to our soul.



Put simply, I'm hoping this movie will in some way, feed the soul, not just when you see the final movie, but in the journey we are now all part of. There is so much in the story that I have wanted to say to the world, my feelings, passions and wisdom that I have picked up in my life. I hope it will move and inspire everyone as much as it has for me.



So thank you so much again, I sincerely can’t believe how lucky I am to have your very kind, dedicated and generous support. I hope by helping me on my journey it will keep your own dreams and passions alive. As the great George McFly said in Back to the Future, “If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything!”


Kindest regards.




Video Diary Ep 34 - That Light Bulb Moment!

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Video Diary Ep 33 - How to Transport Your Alien Pod!

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Video Diary 32 - Blasted in the Back Alley!

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Video Diary 31 - Creating a sense of scale

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Video Diary 30 - Filming Mandy's Final Journey

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Video Diary 29 - No Ordinary Saturday Night

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Video Diary 28 - The Perfect Graveyard

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Video Diary 27 - Creating Spaceship Backgrounds!

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Your Questions Answered - Part 1

Kaleidoscope Man director, Simon Cox, asked the supporters of the movie to send him any questions they wanted to know about the progress of the movie. In all, we had over 40 questions. This is the first of 4 films with his very honest answers.


Do let us know what you think.

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Video Diary 26 - An Alley for an Alien Attack!

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Video Diary 25 - Preparing for the 2nd Crowd Scene

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Phase 2 Production - Our Goals

So, three weeks have passed since we smashed our fundraising target for phase 2 of Kaleidoscope Man and we have been very busy planning out how we spend this hard earned money.


The first scenes we are planning to shoot are from the very beginning of the movie, where the films heroes are children and something happens to them that has a ripple effect throughout the entire movie. Our aim is to make these scenes (set in the early 1980's) very different from the rest of the movie. Director, Simon, wants them to look warm, nostalgic and beautiful. One scene is set in Tom's father's garage, where he fixes old cars and we have found an amazing location in Wellesbourne, near Stratford Upon Avon.

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Phase 2 Funding Campain Ends!

After 46 days of crowd-funding through Indiegogo, we are delighted to announce that we sucessfully raised £5,025 from 104 amazing people. Thank you all SO much for your generous support.


Now, its heads down this end, as over the next 2 months we plan to shoot some more very exciting scenes from the movie.


We're also going full steam ahead with raising the funds for phase 3 (the BIG one!). So we are on the look out for investors wishing to get involved in this unique British film with SEIS tax relief. Please contact us for more details.


More news very soon...

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Our New Funding Campaign is Now Live

After weeks of working towards it, we have finally launched our new funding campaign for phase 2 of Kaleidoscope Man. For the next 6 weeks we will be crowdfunding this phase of the film through indiegogo. Please support us if you can and share the good news that Kaleidoscope Man is coming....


Follow this link: http://igg.me/at/KMan2/x/395003


And please share it with your friends. Thank you.


Countdown to New Fundraisng Campaign Begins...

After weeks of planning we are now only a few days away from the launch of our new fundraising campaign for phase 2 of Kaleidoscope Man. This time around we are going to try Indiegogo rather than Kickstarter, as they have offered additional support to our campaign, and we believe it will help us to reach a wider audience.


As the majority of our publicity is done through Facebook and Twitter, I have been thinking hard about how to make this campaign different and to stand out from the large amount of other film campaigns out there. I feel that posts need to be episodic, so that people will want to follow our story. During my last campaign, I found that I didn't have enough to say and so my posts became, "we're making a film, please support us..." and people soon get board by this.


So, I have pledged to tell one of my, "Star Storys", every day for the 35 days or so of the campaign. These are story's from the many encounters I have had with famous people over my editing and directing career. 


I'll try and make them witty and positive, and certainly won't be dishing any dirt. I have had some good experiences though, including the day I upset George Lucas, made Suzanna York run out of a lift and nearly got into a punch up with a drunken Oliver Reed...


Hopefully the campaign will start this weekend.






Our Kickstarter campaign ends 45% over target!!

Delighted to announce that 186 backers pushed our funding target way over the 100% mark and we have ended up raising a whoopping £7,200!! 


As Saturday night came to a close, I sat with my family around the laptop just watching the pledges come in. It was a very satisfting feeling having worked so hard during the campaign to keep people interested in the film. Using Facebook and Twitter, I was putting out new storys, artwork and video clips and wacthing them gain momentum, introducing people to our Kickstarter page.


So now we've hit our target, the next job is to fulfill all of the rewards and send out the posters and Written in Blood DVDs (my first feature film). Then its on with shooting the phase 1 scenes for Kaleidoscope Man...


35% Funded in just 3 days!! Come on Kickstarter!!

In a very fast flurry of excitment, money has been pouring in and we now have 41 people who have backed the film. We aim to raise £5,000 to shoot a bunch of scenes for the movie in March/April and we have £1,776 towards this. 


Do check out our Kickstarter page as there are lots of opportunities to be involved in the film for very small amounts.

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We've nailed the funding of Phase 1!

Great news - we have hit our £5,000 target!! I am just so excited that we have finally done it. THANK YOU ALL so much. We still have 4 days left, so any more money we receive will go straight into the shoot. Thank you for your amazing support.


Simon XX



Kaleidoscope Man goes live on Kickstarter

After months of preparation, Kaleidoscope Man is now live on Kickstarter and people across the world can start supporting the film. Kaleidoscope Man director, Simon Cox, says, "This is the first phase and if sucessful, we will be out shooting a large part of the film in March. This is just SO exciting! If anyone wants to get involved, but is short of cash, just sharing the link on Facebook or Twitter, would be so helpful". Please follow this link and watch the pitch video to see more:

Kaleidoscope Man on Kickstarter


Shooting the first crowd scenes

We had a fantastic shoot in Coventry city centre on Sunday night and shot the first of many crowd scenes. We had around 40 people turn up and had great fun running them back and forth as they escaped an alien invasion. We are over the moon with the quality of the rushes. Can't wait to get back out and shoot some more. Hoping to be running our second Kickstarter campaign within the next week. This is going to be the year of Kaleidoscope Man!


Kaleidoscope Man on BBC Midlands Today

The small interview Simon did on crowdfunding for independant feature films finally went out on BBC Midlands Today.

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BBC Come to interview director Simon Cox about Kaleidoscope Man


The BBC did an interview with me about Kaleidoscope Man this Tuesday. The interview went well (I think) and will be aired on BBC Midlands Today next Tuesday (22nd).  


This is a picture of Simon and Satnam Rana, one of the BBC news presenters (UK Midlands folk should know her!). Watch the video on the blog entry.


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